Thursday, April 12, 2018

“We strive to minister with simplicity and hospitality” ~ CSA Mission

Sister Edie in peach-colored top with students.
“I love my JOB! “shares Sister Edie.  Her enthusiasm for working with college students is apparent in her voice and her laughter.  “The students who come to Campus Ministry are a great group.  I am a spiritual and personal guide to them.  This center is a place of welcome.  We have a drop-in dinner each week, it is a relaxed atmosphere of telling stories of daily life and what challenges they are dealing with. We are like a family, a family that creates a safe place to share”, shared Sister Edie.

“Part of my work is to lead a retreat for the students, the name is “Retreat on the Go”. This year we had 19 students and five faculty participate.  Each day participants commit to pray, reflection and meeting for a brief time with a spiritual director”, continued Sister Edie.

“You don’t normally think of students going hungry on a college campus but there are some who cannot afford a meal ticket.  We have a food pantry and we have food drives for staples such as peanut butter and macaroni and cheese and personal hygiene items. Every two weeks students in need can select items plus two prepackaged meals. We have about 12 students who come regularly, five of them have children.”

“My love relationship with the Sisters of St. Agnes began in high school and it hasn’t stopped.  It is so life giving, I am very much at home in this way of being.  The whole sense of spirituality, fullness of life and vibrancy continues to affirm my choice”, concluded Sister Edie.

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