Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Meet Sister Georgeann

Bugles! Batons and Badger Honor Flights!

Sister Georgeann plays taps on her bugle for Veteran’s Day. She recalls serving as a drum majorette, twirling her baton for her high school band.  She has recently accompanied veterans on Badger Honor flights to Washington DC. In Autumn on Friday nights she can be found at the local high school football games. And she jogs three to five miles a day and ten miles on weekends!

Not your everyday sister, Georgeann lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is a hospice chaplain.  In a recent interview, she smiled and shared, “For me, my ministry is not work.  I feel privileged to provide spiritual support and caring presence to hospice patients, their families, and their friends, welcoming them and letting the mystery of their lives fill me.”

“Sister Georgeann is the calm in the storm, so positive, compassionate, and understanding,” shared Rick Bourne, President and CEO of Home Health United, where Sister currently works.  “She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great comfort and calming presence to both staff and patients.”

Sister Georgeann’s idol is Mother Teresa…no surprise.


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