Monday, June 18, 2018

Life is a Balancing Act

Sister Cyndi and Thunder
“Everyday is different. It is a balance between taking time to reflect and pray, to teach, and to contribute in my role on the leadership council”, shared Sister Cyndi Nienhaus. “It is always a thrill to teach. I strive to present a world view that broadens the perspective of my students.” Sister Cyndi has taught for the past ten years at Marian University, Fond du lac, Wisconsin, as an Associate Professor of Religious Education.

Sister Cyndi has been a member of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes for the past 23 years. Cyndi shared that she lives on her own with a therapy dog named Thunder. She takes lots of dog walks and Thunder loves visiting the retired sisters at St. Francis Home and Nazareth Court and Center. Sister Cyndi states, “Being in community means having dinner with other sisters several times a week and praying together.  We enjoy going to the movies or bike riding or taking walks together as well.  My other hobbies include playing the flute in the Fond du Lac Symphonic Band and taking piano lessons.”

Cyndi continues, “Everyday I take time to be still and to listen for God’s voice.  I unplug, away from computer and phone. I meditate.  Some days God’s voice is clear and other days not, but in taking the time to listen and breath I am able to pray and surrender to the grace that is waiting for me.” Sister Cyndi adds,” This is very important to me. I live in hope. I want to bring the best out in myself and others.  My desire is to be empathetic and compassionate in my teaching and leadership.” Cyndi concludes, “I care about the suffering people endure, and not only do I want to help, but really see the people in my daily life and value them fully.”

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